Heating Repair

Tucker Heating & Air Conditioning offers HVAC installation, maintenance and repair with optional AC annual service agreements.

We Have Quality Heating Repair Services

Heating Repair | Tucker Heating & Air Conditioning : Jackson, MS

Heating is within your home or business takes many forms. In addition to furnaces and heating systems, heating repair includes hot water heaters, and thermostats that control the amount of heat provided within a certain area. We arrive quickly for all repair and service calls and inform you of any unexpected delays. We understand the importance of addressing heating and cooling issues quickly.

Common heating repairs include:

• Furnaces
• Hot water tanks (traditional and tank-less systems)
• Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC)
• Heat pumps (air and ground source)

Furnaces and Boilers

A furnace provides heat throughout your home by using either air, steam or water. Forced-air furnaces are the most common units used in homes. Even if your furnace is operating, it may not be operating efficiently. If you notice that your indoor environment isn't as warm as it should be, it's time for at least an inspection of your furnace. Even a simple filter change can make a big difference. Boilers on the market today are about 80% more efficient than older models. We repair all furnace and boiler models regardless of whether or not your unit or system is still under warranty.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your home. Heat pumps use air from the outside to either heat or cool your home. When a heat pump is working correctly, it can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. We are trained to install and repair all types of heat pumps, including providing the necessary maintenance to ensure that your heat pump is operating efficiently.

Types of heat pumps include:

• Air-source heat pumps - These heat pumps use heat directly from the outside to heat and cool your indoor environment. An air-source heat pump is most efficient in warmer climates.

• Ground-source heat pumps - These heat pumps use air directly from the ground to heat and cool your indoor environment. A ground-source heat pump is usually more efficient since the ground temperature remains constant throughout the year.

HVAC Systems

We provide routine maintenance and repair for any HVAC system you are using for either your home or business heating and cooling needs. Regular duct cleaning is necessary to properly remove any dust and debris that may gather in your ducts. Since an HVAC systems run throughout the year, regular maintenance is important to keep your system running efficiently.